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Bridal Makeup and Hair Trends in 2022

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10 Most Popular Makeup and Hair Trends for You in 2022

Bridal inspiration comes in many forms… Tune into some of the most popular makeup and hair trends this wedding season!

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most precious days of your life… On this super special occasion, you want to feel great and look your best ever! At Salon Dolce Vita, we make the effort to understand you… because we so want to sprinkle tons of sparkle on your bridal look, and make your wedding day an enchanting fairytale for you.

Dive into the makeup and hair trends of 2022’s weddings, and choose to be who you want to be – the beautiful, demure bride; or the bold, glam diva!

Bridal Makeup Magic

  1. No-makeup:

The ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is reigning at weddings this year. This look is all about accentuating what you already have – keeping the skin makeup minimal, with well-blended contour, natural-looking blush, and tons of highlighter to achieve a nice sun-kissed, healthy, glowing look. With the lips juicy and eyes elegant, you will see a lot of on-fleek winged liner, brown eyeshadow to extend the wing, dewy eyes, and even glossy lids! For lips, it’s all about that perfect pout – a lipstick shade that matches your skin tone, or a simple lip liner topped with lip gloss

  1. Fox Eyes:

This trend was popularized on TikTok and soon made its way to other spaces. It is an extension of the classic winged liner. For fox eyes, the wing is extended out with eyeshadow so it looks less harsh, and false lashes are placed towards the outer edge of the eyelid. Without a doubt, it’s a very minimal, pretty way to go for your eyes. This look can then be topped off with a neutral colour all over the eyelid or a light shimmery shadow.

  1. Dewy Skin:

Fresh and dewy skin has been the go-to mantra for a while now; ever since people started to prefer a glowing, summer look to the traditional cakey, matte look. This look is achieved by keeping the skin well hydrated and using highlighters on the cheek and brow bones, and cream blush on the apples of your cheeks for an overall sun-kissed look. Often accompanied by glossy eyelids and lips, the dewy look is here to stay!

  1. Nude, Juicy Lips:

A puckered, hydrated lip achieved by lining your lips with a lip liner and filling it up with gloss, is worth falling in love with! Another popular look is using neutral/nude lipstick shades that match your natural lip colour.

  1. Natural Brows:

While thick, full brows might have been in for a long time, women are now opting for lighter, natural brows. Nail this look by filling in the sparse areas of your eyebrows, while keeping their original shape and using light brush strokes for a feathery, natural brow. This way, the face looks less harsh too and the attention stays on the skin, lips and eyes!

  1. Hair Flair:

When it comes to hair, the diversity explosion is all about going natural. More and more brides are embracing their natural hair texture – curls, kinks, everything! Putting the hair up in a cute up-knot, adorning it with flowers, having it all slicked back, and pumping it up for some extra volume and length with hair extensions are some ruling trends we love seeing.

  1. Braided Buns:

For D-day, a lot of brides want their hair out of their faces and into a bun – it is a cute, foolproof way to go. This way, brides don’t need to worry much about sudden frizzy/oily problems. To give the hair more texture and volume, the hair is braided and adorned with jewels or flowers. Apart from being comfortable and easy to carry off, this style also gives your beautiful face the perfect opportunity to be the center of attention!

  1. Keeping it Natural:

More and more women are opting to embrace their natural hair textures and staying away from irons, and other heat. Going with your natural kinky/curly hair; adorning it with flowers and a veil is a style that never goes out of fashion!

  1. Sleek, Shiny Hair:

This is a Naomi Campbell – Kim Kardashian – inspired trend. This look is achieved by using products to make the hair look sleek and shiny. Often, women add in hair extensions to give the hair more volume and length. Take this simple, classic route to ensure you look gorgeous!

  1. Trend Alert:

There’s a major acceptance of individuality and uniqueness that we see among women. They no longer want to follow trends, but instead figure out what looks best on them and what they are most comfortable in. Many brides are ditching the traditional white wedding dress, the heavy makeup, and dramatic hair… they want to keep it simple and natural. But having said this, a lot of women also love the heavy makeup, bold lips, matte skin, and bold, smoky eye look!

As we go forward, it’s all about inclusivity, diversity and experimentation. There’s no right or wrong way to wear your bridal look. Be your own trendsetter. Discuss the look you want with your Salon Dolce Vita stylists in advance, and then relax and let them take charge on your wedding day. Finally, let your confidence shine through, beam your 100-watt smile, walk tall and don’t forget to have fun at your wedding!