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Keratin Treatments - Before & After Care

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Dream of having smooth, frizz-free hair? Keratin treatments might just be what you are looking for! Things you need to know about the pre and post care of a keratin treatment…

Tips to Follow Before A Keratin Treatment:


1. The Procedure Followed

During this process, keratin is artificially added to your hair to make it smooth, shiny and frizz-free. It fills in the porous spots in your hair caused by the loss of keratin. At the salon, they will cleanse your hair first to remove residual grime and build-up. Next, the treatment solution will be applied and distributed evenly throughout your hair. Depending on the chemicals used, your stylist will leave the treatment solution in your hair for a while to penetrate your strands. To end with, your new hair texture will be sealed through hot tools like a blow-dryer and flat iron. The chemicals used in a keratin treatment force your hair into a straighter alignment, and then reinforce the process with heat.

2. Chemicals Used

Though some treatments saturate your strands with high doses of keratin, most methods use other chemicals for the procedure. Often, formaldehyde solutions are used, while newer methods also use methylene glycol and formalin.

3. The Final Results

Once the procedure is done, you can expect silky, smooth, straighter, frizz-free locks. But if you have really curly hair, a keratin treatment might only loosen your curls, not straighten them. The results of a keratin treatment are semi-permanent, lasting up to five months. As your hair grows out, it will get back to its natural texture.

4. Protect Yourself

Chemicals are used for a keratin treatment, so protect yourself by limiting the treatment to twice a year. Choose a salon that is airy to minimise the risk of breathing in the chemicals. If pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid this treatment. Some salons do offer ‘formaldehyde-free’ treatments, but while they may not be using the chemical directly, the solutions used may contain ingredients that release formaldehyde as a gas when they are exposed to heat or mixed with water.

Tips To Follow After A Keratin Treatment:

– Post-treatment care is very important. Salons recommend waiting for at least 12 hours before washing your hair. This time period may extend to days, depending on the solutions used.

– During the first three days post your keratin treatment, if your hair gets sweaty for any reason, blow-dry your strands. This will help stop the sweat from damaging the treatment.

– Apply a moisture-rich conditioner on dry hair to reduce swelling during a hair wash. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, and decrease the number of times you shampoo your hair to prolong the results. Then use the prescribed conditioner.

– When not washing your hair, use a shower cap to protect your hair while you bathe.

– Do not use products with sodium chloride (salt), which makes your hair frizz faster.

– Avoid swimming in the pool/ocean to preserve your keratin treatment.

– For three days after your keratin treatment, keep your hair loose; don’t tie it. Avoid tucking it behind your ears too. This will ensure that your hair stays free from any odd creasing or dents.

– Use a de-tangler to comb out knots three days post your treatment.

– A silk pillowcase reduces friction, making your hair smoother and less prone to damage. So, avoid a cotton pillowcase and use a silk one.