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Hello everybody. So, as I promised today, I will be demonstrating those color application, the new growth applications for all the husbands out there. So I’m going to help out just to show you a quick application. What I have done here, I have saturated the hair in four sections. One, my hand, two, three, four, just behind the ear, both ways and right then onset. So what I will start, the trick to the color, well, there’s a few tricks, but one of the tricks that we would be doing is you want to dip and clean your brush and just work with one surface. So I will be doing this here again, dip, clean, start from the center. And most of the time the mature hair will start right from the front. This is where you notice most of the growth is right in here, especially when somebody puts their hair behind their back.

How To Start

So what you want to do is this. You want to apply first, right on that new growth, try to avoid the skin. Sometimes I use some moisturizing agent and apply it around the front line here. So, that way it does not stain the hairline. Again, I’m dipping, cleaning, and here’s your color. And what’s nice is I’m using right now is a conditioner, a pH balanced conditioner. So you would be using a color. It’s kind of nicer when you are using the color because it is slightly thicker than the conditioner. So you’re in luck.

One, two, three, if you need more, always put more. I’ve given you guys a lot of color, the ones who did picked up the color from me. So you don’t have to worry about running out of color. And then this is what you do. So you’ve done all the outside here or on front line and come back to it after you’re all done, after you’re all done your color, come back and check the front line because sometimes the color skips the greys, the mature hair escapes the color.

So you want to tap it again to break the bonds. So again, clean section, dip, clean, apply, dip, clean, apply. And then here’s one eighth of an inch of a section. Have it nice and clean. And I brushed her hair before I applied the color. So make sure you brush the hair thoroughly so that way it does not tangle on you. It’s not fun when it’s tangled. So here you go, application again, clean.

Dip & Clean & Apply

And what I want you to do look, one more time on the camera. This is what I’m doing here. I’m dipping, cleaning, small sections, one eighth of an inch. Apply the color. If you need more, dip, clean, apply. One eighth of an inch. So basically, this application should take about 15 minutes, 20 minutes is okay. You know, if you take 25 minutes, that’s fine but start your timer the moment you’re done the back. Once you’re done the back, you will start your timer, very important. If you start from the front here, which you are going to, start the other side from the front. So the timing, it’s more equal at the front than the back. So this way, this cooks the same time as the back would go. So, or… here you go again.

So this is the method you want to keep doing. I will do only one quarter panel. So I don’t bore you guys. You can always rewind and watch the video again, and please share this video with all your friends. So this way they have an idea what they are doing, and this could be fun. You know, this could be fun sitting at home, doing each other’s hair. Well, I hope not the same color as your husbands, and then once you’re done here, I’m going to do one quarter panel, one eighth of an inch, one eighth of an inch, always hold the hair from the ends. Don’t hold it from the new growth. Hold it from the ends here. Nice and gentle. It’s very light. The hair is really light. You don’t even have to pull her hair and don’t overlap. See what I’ve done here. I overlapped you don’t want to do this.

Almost Done

Always work 90 degree angle. So here’s my 90 degrees. So this is what you don’t want to do. You apply. See, I’m not applying… I’m not going close to the scalp here. I’m not touching. I’m staying away from here, gently apply. And then once you’re done, this is another tool. Bring it back and leave it alone. Don’t check it, do this part here. And then once you’re done this side, then you can pick either one. This or this. It doesn’t matter.

Since you’re already here, do this here. So you don’t move around too much and then do this part and the new growth and you are done and you want to leave the color for about 35 minutes. After the 35 minutes is over, you can take it down to the sink. And then what you do, you want to put a little bit of water. If you want to refresh the ends a little bit for five minutes, really no longer. So good luck you guys. And I hope I was somewhat some help for you. And what I was going to say, the next time you guys will see me, I’ll be posting… We’ll be doing a gift for Mother’s Day and this will be fun. So please share, and like my posting. Bye for now and have a wonderful day.