Take Your Hair Colour To The Next Level

Hair Colour Correction Specialists | Salon Dolce Vita

A female hairdresser holding a color palette in her hand and choosing color tone for her client.

Are you looking for a colour correction in Mississauga – Port Credit and Oakville area and not sure where to find the best hair salon that is the right fit for you?

Look no further, book a complimentary consultation for your colour correction with Dolce Vita Medical Salon Spa.

Our team of colour experts provides will listen to your hair concerns, do a complete hair diagnosis, a colour check-up and provide you with concrete suggestions about the best options to take your hair colour towards your goal.

Colour corrections usually require a longer appointment time than regular hair visits as there are several steps are taken to alternate the actual status of the hair, take it to a level that is acceptable, and then proceeds with the final touches.

Corrections can take up to 3 visits to be completed in a safe way to maintain the integrity of your hair.

You can book your complimentary consultation for a colour correction by calling us directly to our 905-278-5550

Consultations for colour corrections take about 15 minutes to complete.

Please keep in mind that the appointment for the correction itself may take up to 4-6 hours, and in some cases longer.